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At Primrose Hill we follow the National Curriculum.

More information about the National Curriculum can be found here.

At Primrose Hill we are currently using the Lancashire curriculum to deliver many foundation subjects (science, geography, history, art and DT) and link English and Maths work to this wherever possible. The units in the scheme are interesting, relevant and exciting and provide opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that the government requires schools to teach in each year group.

Use the tabs above to read about what we teach in each of the subject areas.

On the right are some links to documents (kindly used with permission from Rising Stars and Twinkl) which we think you will find useful.

  • The new national curriculum in English Primary Schools - A guide for parents - A detailed guide all about the new National Curriculum and what is covered in each of the different subjects (produced by Rising Stars)
  • 'Preparing your child for school - A parents guide' - A useful guide for parents of children who are just starting out in Nursery or Reception.
  • 'What will my child learn in ...' - Parent guides for Years 1-6 which give an overall view of what the children learn in each year group over the whole year.
  • 'Parent Guidance for Spelling in ...' - Parent guides for spelling for Years 1-6.
  • 'Help your child with spelling' - lots of great ideas for how to help your child improve their spelling.

During Spring & Summer 2018 the staff of Primrose Hill will be reviewing their current teaching curriculum and topic themes.  We will update you on these developments via this page. 

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