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Family Engagement

Partnership with Parents

At Primrose Hill Primary School, we believe that parents, carers and families are the most important influences in a child's life. Their support can play a vital role at all stages of education. Engaging with parents gives them the chance to understand the role that they play in their child's learning and development and fosters parental involvement. At Primrose Hill Primary School we are committed to working in close partnership with parents to ensure they are happy with their child's education and progress and that their child achieves their full potential and more. We believe it is important that parents are involved in their child's education and we actively encourage parental engagement within school, wherever and whenever possible.

We communicate with parents through our ClassDojo system which allows us to provide parents with regular updates on their child’s daily school life, informing parents of upcoming events and assemblies at school. We also have our regular text alert system to inform parents of any changes or information they may need to know about immediately. We have termly newsletters to discuss and share ideas on what your child will be learning throughout their school year.

As part of our parental engagement we aim to continue to develop and improve communication with parents and our community, support parents and children to extend their learning through parent workshops, parent drop in sessions, class book looks, early morning sessions and we encourage the involvement of parents with school trips and visits to our local amenities, where possible.

We are always pleased to talk to you about your child and their well-being and progress. Through our regular parental engagement workshops and drop in sessions parents are given the opportunity to leave feedback on how their child is doing in school which provides a hands on way of supporting and engaging in their child’s learning both at home and in their school setting.


Parent Workshops/Parent Drop In Sessions

Each half term every class holds at least one parent workshop/parent drop in session. Parent workshops are held in school and give parents a chance to share quality time with their child in a fun, creative and relaxed environment. Parent drop in sessions give parents the opportunity to look at their child's books, find out about their child’s next steps/targets and give feedback to their child on how they are doing. Our workshops and drop in sessions are well-attended and always have excellent feedback. Take a look at some pictures from our parent workshop and drop-in sessions on the right.

We also open our classroom doors early for parents to support their child with extra literacy and maths activities before the school day starts. Your child’s class teacher will inform you of when the sessions will be held, as days may differ within each class.

Each class holds a class assembly at some point during the school year, parents are invited to share in their child's learning journey. We also have our very popular Celebration Assemblies where our children’s achievements are celebrated and again parents are invited to share and celebrate in their child’s success.

Dates for these events are given at least a week in advance and where possible dates are given at the beginning of the school year.

We welcome parent views, ideas and opinions and we value all parental feedback.

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