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Reading at Primrose Hill

Guided Reading

Children who have reached a level of competency to share ideas as a group will receive Guided Reading lessons with their teacher or teaching assistant .

They will read to their teacher , share ideas , answer questions and learn new vocabulary. Daily Guided reading is an expectation in every classroom where appropriate. This is the time when the teacher can monitor all aspects of reading and guide a group of children to extend their experiences and set new targets. Guided reading texts are more challenging than independent reading books and are carefully chosen by the teacher to teach an aspect of reading rather than to monitor what is already known.

Story time

All classes are expected to share a book together. The class teacher. or pupils will read aloud to the class so that all children can hear what good reading sounds like and can enjoy a story in parts.

Reading corner

All classes are expected to have a high quality reading corner where children can enjoy reading for pleasure during guided reading times when not working with the teacher, or at Golden time or during wet break and dinner times.

Independent reading

This is set at a comfortable level for the child and is lower than the texts set in guided reading as the child is able to access the reading independently.

Reading for pleasure

All children have access to high quality real books as well as reading scheme books to extend their reading and to enjoy what they want to read as well as being guided by their teacher.

Home reading

All children are expected to take books home to share with their family. A home / school book is also sent home so that staff and parents are aware of how they each support the child.

Reading events

Each year a book fair is held at school with high quality discounted books for sale to the children and families . The fair lasts for a week and usually raises £1000 and school gets 20% to spend on books for the classes to enjoy.

Each term a book fair leaflet is sent home for families to order books from throughout the year.

Reading schemes

Primrose Hill does not have a designated reading scheme. The school has a Reading Recovery teacher and five schemes as well as real books have been bookbanded and leveled so that children can be monitored closely in reading and they can also choose from a wider range of fiction and non- fiction books according to their interest level and competency .This will ensure that children are beginning to know what they like to read from an early age and can read what they like at the correct level for their ability .

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