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Reading at Primrose Hill

Reading is undergoing a massive changes at Primrose Hill. How exciting!

Have a read of this page to find out exactly how reading will be taught at Primrose Hill Primary School.

Reading Lessons

Reading is taught in every year group as stand-alone lessons. Children will be taught the different skills needed to develop both reading and comprehension skills. They will be taught different skills such as retrieval, inference, language in context, summarising, predicting and so much more, through different activities. There will be summative and formative assessments carried out to help aid teachers plan lessons that move the learning forward.

Story Time

All classes are expected to share an exciting and engaging book together. The class teacher or pupils will read aloud to the class so that all children can hear what good reading sounds like and can enjoy a story in parts.

Book Scheme

Primrose Hill have invested in a new reading scheme for Key Stage 1 called Project X which is designed to motivate your child to read through its gripping stories, interesting content and colourful illustrations. They include a mix of fiction and non fiction texts. The books feature some new characters that your child will become familiar with as they start reading through the new scheme.

Home Reading

All children in every year group is expected to sit and read at home for 10 -15 minutes per day. Remember to take a few minutes to sit with your child to listen to them read and engage in discussions about the stories, characters and information. If you want your child to truly excel in reading, spending 10-15 minutes per day reading and discussing a book with them can make all the difference.

Book Fairs

The school has already held its first book fair this academic year, with brilliant books being sold at half price. The next book fair will be between 12th and 16th of March 2018. Make sure you visit, we would love to see you there!

Reading for Pleasure

We want to see our children enjoying reading and reading for pleasure! We have lots of ideas on how to promote this and through the year, you will see different events coming up such as book competitions, big book swaps, author visits, World Book Day, sponsored Readathon and so much more. Watch this space!

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