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Sports and PE at Primrose Hill

At Primrose Hill, PE is covered by one member of staff. This teacher covers the PPA timetable in school and delivers 2hrs of PE to every year group. Alongside the specialist teacher, School uses specialist coaches, funded by the SPG to deliver a variety of sports, including trampolineing, Lacrosse, dance and rugby.

PE at Primrose Hill is based around learning new skills, improving those skills then utilising those skills in competition. KS1 learn all the basic skills of running, throwing, and catching and other basics that improve their physical literacy. In LKS2, these skills are built on and improved giving children the chance to use these skills in competitions. They are introduced to sports and their rules. In UKS2, children have the skills in place and the curriculum gives them as many opportunities to be competitive as possible, with intra and inter school competitions.

This year at Primrose Hill we have experienced a wide array of sports. From Dodgeball to Swimming, Rounders to Tennis, we try to give every child the 'opportunity to find a sport they love.' Other sports this year include:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Dance
  • Trampolining


At Primrose Hill all our Year 4 children receive swimming lessons as part of the PE curriculum. By the end of Year 6, all children must be able to swim 25m unaided. Below you will find our results.

Academic year 2017-2018

- 57% (24/42) could swim 25m unaided

- 43% (18/42) could perform safe self rescue.

Academic year 2016-2017 - 43% (18/42)

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