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About Our School

Primrose Hill was opened in September 2007 following the amalgamation of St Clement's CE and Radclyffe Community primary schools.. Initially designed as a 1.5 form entry school, Primrose Hill has grown rapidly in recent years and is now a busy two-form entry school. with over 450 pupils on roll. Despite increased numbers, all of our pupils are known individually to us and we want all of our children to reach their full potential in order for them to lead long, purposeful and fulfilled lives. We believe that every child can – and will – succeed here at Primrose Hill.

Together, we have created a happy and vibrant school with equal opportunities for all. A school where every individual is celebrated and highly valued and where care, concern and ambition for each other is central to our work.

Working in partnership with our families and a range of organisations, Primrose Hill provides a safe, engaging and supportive learning environment designed to assess and meet the needs of all children and provide them with the skills necessary to be healthy, successful lifelong learners and good citizens in an ever-changing world.


The Aims of the School

We aim to build on the foundations laid in earlier years so that children in our care receive an education which will help them grow into confident and caring adults. It is therefore essential that we enable each and every child within our school to realise his or her full potential in all areas of life. A new Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher started working at Primrose Hill in September 2017.  Together with an invigorated Senior Leadership Team and Governing Board they are focused on raising rates of progress and standards of attainment.

Our Vision

We aim to:
• inspire, motivate and challenge all children, to create a love of learning
• build confident, cooperative, independent learners who have high self-esteem
• develop citizens who have a strong sense of right and wrong
• achieve high standards in all areas of learning and teaching
• be creative, cultural, sporting & innovative

In an environment which is:
• safe, nurturing and stimulating
• fun, exciting and purposeful
• well-resourced and well-organised
• fully inclusive of all

We will achieve this by:
• having high expectations of both pupils and staff
• assessing & planning carefully, creating a curriculum suited to the needs of our children and our unique setting
• using a variety of teaching strategies so that all pupils can succeed
• providing excellent learning opportunities, including outside the classroom
• having clear rules, rewards and sanctions
• working in close partnership with parents, carers & our community

At Primrose Hill Primary School we recognise that EVERYONE matters. Staff work together to provide a safe, secure and accessible learning environment where each child is valued and their individuality celebrated.
Inclusion at our school recognises a child’s right to, and provides for, a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities

At Primrose Hill Primary School, safeguarding the health and well-being of all our children, staff and visitors is of paramount importance. We require all members of our school community and visitors to observe and respect this commitment and have due regard to our safeguarding policy.
Please do not be offended if you are challenged regarding your identity and purpose whilst visiting our school. We are only doing this to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our school is protected.

We take a serious view of our responsibility to treat all members of our school community appropriately and with respect. You can expect to be received at Primrose Hill politely and professionally, whatever the reason for your visit.
We similarly expect appropriate standards of behaviour from children, parents and visitors.
Offensive, abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated


School Fund Mission Statement

Primrose Hill Primary School Fund raises money to support the following additional activities in order to meet the requirements of the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. These additional items and activities are for the benefit of the school’s pupils.

It does this in the following ways:

• Sponsored events
• Commissions (eg school photographs)
• Selling of school uniform items
• Donations
• School Fairs
• Raffles

• Buying small items (eg food for cookery lessons)
• School trips and events
• Initial payments for Fairs and Raffles (eg tickets, promotional items)
• Items to commemorate unique events and/or achievements (not exceeding £30)
• Prizes to reward and incentivise improved educational and personal outcomes
• Books, resources and additional equipment for school, including outside play equipment
• School photographs
• Special treats for the pupils of Primrose Hill (eg a special performance etc)
• After school clubs/events

Whilst this list is not exclusive, any items or activities not included should be approved by the Headteacher on their individual merit and reported to the Governing Body.

When a fundraising event has been held, the amounts raised will be communicated to all stakeholders within the school, and the details will be entered into the accounts. Parents and stakeholders will always be told how much money was raised at such events.
This account will be audited annually (Summer term) and the information will be made available to the Leadership & Management sub-committee of the Governing Body. Donations received will be detailed in the Headteacher's termly report to Governors. 

Primrose Hill Primary School
Phoebe Street, Salford M5 3PJ
Tel: 0161 921 2400
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