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Our governors help us make our school the best place it can possibly be.

Below you will find the current structure of our governing body, along with details about any vacancies for new governors.

Governing Body Current Composition as at 24/11/2016 including any vacancies:

There are currently 2 vacancies for parent governors. These positions will be filled by election. For more information about this vacancy, please phone the school office on 0161 921 2400 to speak to the Headteacher.

Role Name Start End
Chair Mrs J Hoskin COP 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Vice Chair Mr P Dobbs, Ceremonial Mayor of Salford LA 01/11/2015 30/10/2019
Chair of School Improvement and Pupil Welfare Committee Mr A Ferns COP 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Community Governor Mrs A Gratrix, ex member of staff COP 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Community Governor Ms J Summerfield COP 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Parent Governor Ms S Khan PAR 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Staff Mrs G Harding, Headteacher HT 01/11/2015 30/10/2019
Staff Mrs W Budsworth, Assistant Headteacher COP 16/11/2015 14/11/2019
Staff Mr D Myring, PE Teacher STF 28/07/2014 27/07/2018
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