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Past Pupils

Are you an ex-pupil of Primrose Hill Primary School, Radclyffe Primary School or St Clement's Primary School?

If so we would love to hear any stories of what you have gone on to do after life here.

How did you get on at high school? Are you now working? What are you doing?

Get in touch with us by sending an email to ex_pupils@primrosehillprimary.co.uk to share your stories so we can put them here on our school website.


Here are some of the messages we have received from our ex pupils.


'Dear Primrose Hill Primary School,

Hello. I am a past pupil of Primrose Hill Primary School. Honestly, I never thought, a decade or so into the future, that I would be composing an E-mail to school I used to attend. I’m not even sure if this E-mail would be read, but it’s worth a go – I’d like to express my gratitude.

I probably attended Primrose Hill Primary School around 2008-2011 before moving away from Salford to attend a different primary school in Year 3. During the years in which I attended Primrose Hill, I remember being introduced to numerous new topics. There was one teacher I especially liked I don’t remember her name anymore, but her character was very amiable and I remember really liking her hair. Another distinct memory I remember would be the many playground equipment this school had to offer. This ranged from a pair of strings tied to colourful buckets to small bicycles we could use to ride around the playground. The summer was most enjoyable as well. During the warmer seasons, large playmats would be dragged out and my favourite was this seemingly colossal mat of snakes and ladders. I even got a nosebleed playing because of the hot weather.

I especially loved the library. I liked climbing the stairs to sit and read in the quiet upstairs.

What confused me was the gate that separated the senior years from the juniors. Little me didn’t understand why it was there and occasionally wondered if I could clamber over it.

On my last day at Primrose Hill Primary School, I remember a teacher leading my through the hallway. She asked me why I didn’t seem sad at leaving this school. I didn’t quite know how to formulate my words into an digestible sentence, but had she asked me now, I would have told her that it’s because I had nothing to cry over – Primrose Hill Primary School had given me nothing but great memories.

I had also, for a short period, kept in touch with one of my friends at Primrose Hill. Our letters probably lasted for a couple months before we lost contact.

Soon after leaving Primrose Hill Primary School, I started to attend a school in Chelmsford.

During my secondary school years, I attended a school in Ingatestone. This school brought out my love for languages. While attending that school, I had the opportunity to learn 4 different languages (German, Chinese (Mandarin), French, and Italian), two of which I took for my GCSEs: German and Chinese (Mandarin). The school is known to be an international school. As a result, I learnt a lot on multi-culturalism and enjoyed hearing random bursts of a foreign language around me. There’s two friends of mine who would argue in two different languages: Flemish and Dutch. According to them, their grammar and vocabulary are very similar so they could easily understand what the other was saying.

I am currently 16. While I was at Primrose Hill, I’d never thought I would ever reach this age. It honestly feels like a dream, and while I do not remember everything that I had experienced at Primrose Hill, I am still thankful. Primrose Hill Primary School had helped me find my love for books, which has resulted in my passion for literature.

It’s lovely to see Primrose Hill developing and changing. I will admit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the school still had the same green fences and that, after a decade, the school logo is still the same.

As of now, I am attending New Hall School for sixth form and studying English Literature, Fine Arts, and Theology. Since I still have a passion for languages, I have decided to carry on studying German and Chinese (Mandarin), but I have also chosen to study Korean. Once I feel steady on all three, I plan on studying Japanese. I wanted to study Korean and Japanese because they are related to my origins. While I was brought up in a Chinese-speaking household, I also have relatives from different parts of Asia, namely Korea and Japan. As a result, I want to be able to study the language and further my knowledge on the countries’ culture.

I do occasionally visit Manchester, Salford. I still have my childhood friend there, and although we do not contact each other, our parents are great friends. We probably meet each other once every two years.

I am writing a book. In it, I hope to subtly add all of my past experiences into the characters. Publishing has crossed my mind, but I think, for now, I’ll just enjoy the process of creating a tale.

I am curious though – can you access past pupil’s data through your database? If so, I wonder if there’s anything about me on there.

I will end this E-mail here as I am starting to believe it’s getting too long. Again, I’d like to express my gratitude to this school. I may not remember much, but it sure has helped mould me into the person I am now. My love for literature most definitely stemmed from reading in the school’s library.

Sending hope and the best of wishes during this difficult time,

Jade Xinyi He'

Received April 2020


'Hi I'm Mia Williams who was in Mrs budsworth class and who just left primrose hill to go to oasis academy media city. At the moment I'm learning about circuits . Even though high school is fun and I've met a lot of new friends I miss primary more than I think I would.. I want to come back . I miss all the teachers. Please tell Mrs budsworth and mrs smith I miss them loads.'

Mia Williams, Year 2016


'Used to come here from Y1-Y3, I came when it first opened after being moved from St.Clements School. Shame Mrs Harding has left.'



'Hello, I am Kaidon Young(Heaton) I attended both St. Clements and Primrose Hill! In Y3 i moved out of Salford, and went so a school called Hawes Side Primary, Blackpool , now I am in Y11 secondary school, I am also Deputy Head boy here too!! I visit Salford sometimes, so its good to see Primrose and how its changing positively.'

Kaidon Young, Deputy Head Boy, Highfield Leadership Academy

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