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Remote Teaching & Learning


Please take a look at the documents on the right hand side of this page in order to find out more about our remote learning provision.

As a school we have been working hard to make sure that our remote learning provision is the best it can be.  We are constantly reviewing policy and procedure to help us improve our offer and maximise pupil/teacher/parent engagement. In November 2020, the Senior Leaders undertook a deep dive on home learning and produced a detailed report on their findings.  This helped further enhance our school's online provision.  Any further sustained periods of lockdown or school closure will also be carefully monitored and assessed by members of our SLT.


Primrose Hill Primary School believes that live lessons are the best way of providing new learning experiences for our pupils.   We also feel that this is the best way of engaging with our pupils and this helps us to keep a check on their well-being. These lessons are carefully planned and monitored. 

During a live broadcast, there is always at least two members of staff online; one will do the main part of the teaching, whilst the other member of staff acts as a moderator.   All live lessons are recorded and kept securely for 30 days.  After this time, the lesson file is deleted.  A notice about this is shared at the start of every live stream, and a recording sign is displayed throughout the broadcast.   

At the end of each broadcast, staff are required to complete a remote learning log; this details what  was taught during the session and who participated.  This is a very effective way of recording the interaction of our children with their lessons.  All live lessons broadcast home are also simultaneously broadcast to any children still in school.  This reminds all teaching staff that the quality of each live lesson must be high and that there is no difference between what is being taught at home or in school.


So far we have loaned out over 150 devices to the pupils of our school.  A purchase of a further 20 devices using school's own budget ensures that any parent who has requested a laptop, chromebook or iPad should be given one.  In addition to this, school has purchased its own WiFi dongles, pre-loaded with data, for any family who has let us know that they do not have broadband at home.

We freely provide all of our children with paper, books and writing material, and we have also recently given out tables and chairs for children to work from.  Regular monitoring of device usage, attendance at lessons, submission of work and comments shared by pupil and parents helps ensure that we have a good overview of every child's level of engagement.  This allows us to focus more attention on children who we do not regularly see, and who we may be getting concerned about.   All parents and carers have been provided with a copy of our school-closure attendance flow chart to help them understand the processes we are following here.


If you have any questions about our remote learning offer, please contact our school's headteacher or our remote learning lead, Miss N Marshall.

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