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Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing funding to ensure all school can provide quality primary PE and school sport. Each school will receive £16000 plus an additional £5 per pupil this academic year – for Primrose Hill this will equate to approximately £18000

Provision in school

As a school we already provide high quality Physical Education as we have a specialist PE teacher who teaches PE in all classes. Our intention is that this funding will further enhance the existing provision in school.

The Governors agree that the funding must be used so that:

  • All children benefit regardless of sporting ability;
  • All children have the opportunity to compete in competitions at some level;
  • The most able children are given the opportunity to participate in high level competitions;
  • All children have the opportunity to try a range of alternative sporting activities.


At Primrose Hill all our Year 4 children receive swimming lessons as part of the PE curriculum. By the end of Year 6, all children must be able to swim 25m unaided. Below you will find our results.

Academic year 2017-2018 - 57% (24/42)

Academic year 2016-2017 - 43% (18/42)

School Sports Premium Grant 2017-18

To view our latest offer please click the link on the right.

School Sports Premium Grant 2016-17                             

At Primrose Hill, we believe that children should be given every opportunity to ‘find a sport they love.’ Our Sports premium spending reflects this ethos. We want our Sports Premium spend to be as efficiently as possible and to support the areas where we need to improve our sports offer. To see our full offer click the link.

School Sports Premium Grant 2015-16

Our review of our 2015-16 sports premium spend is available by clicking the link.

School Sports Premium Grant 2014-15

In 2014-15, we spent our sports premium as follows:

£1850 on new equipment, including basketball, lacrosse and handball equipment. We also spent another £300 on a new school kit. This has given the children at school a new motivation to want to compete for school teams as they are proud to wear our new kit.

£1750 on coaches, including Dance, trampolining and Lacrosse. We have bought in specialist coaches to improve the provision of our curriculum and extra-curriculum sport in school.

£1300 on transport, particularly to competitions. We entered 15 tournaments this year and also took part in a variety of other sporting events.

£700 on subsidising our Lledr Hall OAA trip. We made it possible for our year 6 pupils to experience high quality OAA at the Salford centre in mid-Wales.

In 2015/16, we intend to enter more competitions. We also have committed £5500 to providing lunchtime sports coaches two days a week, to support our existing LO and to train them to improve our lunchtime sport. We will continue to improve the equipment that we have in school and also introduce new sports. We will use the money to get in a variety of coaches, to continue our trampolining for year 6 and to further improve our extra-curricular offer.

Sports Premium Grant 2013-14

We have used our sports premium grant to improve our sporting achievement and the well being of our pupils, and their parents. The grant has paid for travel to as many competitions as possible and, as a result, pupils are keen to represent school. The number of tournaments we have taken part in has grown year on year, 8 in 2013/14, and the number will increase again this academic year with the potential to take part in 12 this year. We have had some success, representing Salford in rugby at the Manchester school games and being Salford champions in Y5/6 Tri-golf. We have also improved in football, being promoted from the championship to the premier league in our local league. The biggest success, however, has been in attitude and sportsmanship, with children able to be gracious winners but, and more importantly, good losers. This attitude has filtered in to intra-school competitions and even on to the playground, with fewer issues during and at the end of lunchtime football.

We have also incorporated healthy attitudes to food and fitness into PE. In 2013-14 we introduced a term on fitness. Children in KS2 learnt how to increase their fitness, that there are a huge variety of different ways of doing that and that fitness is really important for their well being. This interest in fitness has continued into 2014-15 with the introduction of a running path around our school field that regularly has children spending their own time, at break and lunch times, running laps of the field, trying to outdo each other and their own personal bests. We have run clubs for pupils and their families, focussing on health and fitness. The Red Pepper programme, run by the local authority, had children and their carers learning about healthy food options and the community team from the Salford Red Devils have run a group promoting family fitness. All of these approaches, alongside our health fruit option at meal times, have given our pupils and their families, more of an insight into how sport and health impacts, and can improve, their well being.

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