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If anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, it is very important that they arrange to have a COVID-19 test. These can be arranged online by visiting https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/get-a-test-to-check-if-you-have-coronavirus/ or by telephoning 119.
Thank you.


This page will contain information on our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and provide information relevant to the situation and schools' response.  Please see the document on the right for information about how we are working together to help keep everyone safe and healthy in our school.



In September 2021, school asked parents to let us know what their thoughts and opinions were on the work we had done during the global pandemic.  We were very pleased with the responses we received.  If you would like to see these comments for yourself, please do download the survey results using the link on the right hand side of the page.



Comments from parents following on from our partial re-opening in June 2020:

"“Amazing!  [my daughter] was so down & felt so low while off school and had loads of stuff going on but her mood has lifted so much since being back at school. She comes home full of smiles telling me about her day! I think the safety measures put in place are 100% spot on can't praise you all enough for doing everything possible to keep the kids & yourselves as safe as possible...the kids have adapted so well"  Comment from a parent, June 2020

“I think the return to school has been great. It is amazing the lengths the school has gone to to keep the kids safe and the teachers safe. It's a trying time for not only the kids but parents and teachers at this time, but Primrose Hill have assured me that the school has put in place all the safety measures to keep the children, staff and parents safe,  so thank you very much.” Comment from a parent, June 2020

“We are really happy with the way the return to school has been managed, thanks to you all. I think you have done a great job in really difficult conditions. [My child] is happy to be back and that says it all really! No other feedback - just keep on doing what you are doing. Thanks!”  Comment from a parent, June 2020




Please have a look at the document on the right hand side of this page if you want to learn more about our September 2020 re-opening.

This page also contains all of the important letters and notices we have shared with parents and families since re-opening.

Please also visit our class dojo pages to see photographs of some of the things we have been putting in place to help keep your children safe since returning to us on the 7th September.

Current School Status:

One Year 5 class self-isolating until  November 1st 2020  29 pupils and 4 members of staff affected



19th June 2020

Year 1 return on Tuesday 23rd June https://youtu.be/ivE5kWIsIFQ 

Punk Rocker 'Vyv' Ashton has made a special video for all those children in Year 1 returning to school on Tuesday 23rd June explaining everything you need to know about the changes we have made to keep you, your friends and your teachers safe.

Make sure you watch it before you come back on Tuesday 23rd June.

You will have been told by now which bubble you are in and who your staff team will be - if you haven't been given this information then please get in touch with us either by calling the school office or via ClassDojo.


19th June 2020

Please visit our Twitter page to see regular updates on the AMAZING work many of our pupils are doing whilst AT HOME during our school closure!

We have been blown away by the levels of engagement from many of of our pupils whilst they have been at home.  For them, our remote learning story has been a huge success!  We are so proud of the everyone who has supported their child during these challenging times.  As a way of thanking them we regularly share images of their work on our Twitter page -   https://twitter.com/_PrimroseHill .


19th June 2020

Year 6 Update!

Our Year 6 pupils have now been back for three weeks.  Our Year 6 team is led by our school's assistant Headteacher, Miss Rawat.  She has produced a document giving an overview of how well the last few weeks have been and provided some examples of the work our amazing pupils have been producing during this time.  The document also includes some wonderful comments from some of our parents on our re-opening!  Please do take time to read it if you can!  The link to download this is on the right!.


16th June 2020

Year 1 return on Tuesday 23rd June

If you are in Year 1, and are coming back to school on Tuesday 23rd June, your child will now have been allocated to a bubble and a staff team.  This information will be given to you via ClassDojo.

You can watch our special 'Welcome Back Year 1' video here!


12th June 2020

Rules For School - What We Tell Our Pupils

On the right hand side of this page you will find a link to our 'Rules For School' document.  This is the document we share with the children when they first come back to school.  It is talked through by each bubble leader.  Our younger children, or those with SEND, are explained this in a simpler way.  Infographics and signs placed on each child's table helps reinforce many of these messages in a simple, visual way..


5th June 2020

Reception return on Monday 8th June

If you are in Reception, and are coming back to school on Monday 8th June (you will have been told if you have a place), PC Ashton has some very important things to tell you about what will happen on Monday and how you will learn at school. Click the link on the right to watch the video (or click here).

Titania and her friends are really excited about coming back - we hope you all are too!


29th May 2020

Year 6 return on Tuesday 2nd June

If you are in Year 6, the video on the right (or clicking here) explains everything you need to know and what to do when you return to school on Tuesday - Sergeant Ashton is ready and waiting for you!

Please make sure you phone school (0161 921 2400) by 12pm Monday 1st June if your child will be coming back to us on Tuesday.


 27th May 2020

Questions about the wider opening of the school from Tuesday 2nd June

The link to the right (also here) is a document setting out our answers to a a range of questions you will have about the phased and gradual re-opening of our school.

Please be warned; this is a LONG document. We have tried our best to explain everything as clearly and as carefully as we can.

We hope this will help you decide on whether to send your children back or not when their own year group re-opens.

Maybe go and get yourself a tea or a coffee and sit down and read three or four questions; then perhaps go back to this later and read some more. There is a lot to take in.

Useful questions right now are:

Q1 1. Which year groups are returning to school?

Q4: Does my child have to attend?

Q6: How big will the classes be?

This document also answers questions about how classes will work, what children will be taught and what we are doing in school to protect our children and reduce the risk of infection.

Everything contained within the document is very important and we have tried to not miss anything out.

We hope it is useful to you.

Please do get in touch with school if you find the answer to your question is not contained within the document.

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