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Pupil Voice

In this section of the website we would like you to share your views on Primrose Hill on this noticeboard. We want to invite you to make suggestions about how to make school and life in the local community even better. We would like to know about the things you do well, how you know that you have done well and the ways that you would like to be helped to improve.

We would also like to ask you for ideas about ways to help others improve - including the teachers, the governors and your peers (other pupils you spend your time with). This is a great way for you to tell us about Primrose Hill in your own words! Thank you.

I personally love this school since of all its kind teachers who are supportive!
14th May 2021
The work at school has got harder since September but thats good as it gets us ready for High School.
5th March 2018
At school we get the opportunity to do loads of different things like school trips, tournaments and art and design.
5th March 2018
School is a safe place, we dont have bullying as people know its bad. I like coming here
5th March 2018
I like being able to do self marking and peer marking. Its good to help my friends get better at things
5th March 2018
We like all the sports we do at school, particularly when we play against other schools. Hockey is my favourite.
5th March 2018
The teachers at school are fair and always want us to do our best. They're funny and help us.
5th March 2018
The work at school has got harder since September but thats good because it gets us ready for High School.
5th March 2018
Most of the work we get at school is challenging but the teachers help us so we can do it.
5th March 2018
Behaviour is getting much better in school because of the behaviour system. we like getting dojos so we can get a good reward.
5th March 2018
best primary school going ive left this school but had a great experience so much activities and the most generous people100% ;)
19th December 2017
Abdelmalik Zuway
I love my friends and my teacher in Primrose Hill school.
11th July 2017
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